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Higgins ministry in Kiev, Ukraine, 1993-2001

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     Calling to missionary service

On this page you may read Brian Higgins’ letter in which he shares his personal testimony of how he was called to serve as a missionary. It was written in the beginning of 2001 while he was still in the States before his trip to American churches with the purpose of raising financial and prayer support for his ministry in Ukraine.

Missionaries to Ukraine ___________________________________________________ Bible Baptist Mission, Inc.

PO Box 17615, Pensacola, FL 32522-7615 Mission tel (850) 4746970

Dear Pastor________________!

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

My name is Brian Higgins and this is a letter of testimony as to my conversion and call into the ministry, as well as my call to be a missionary to the country of Ukraine and the work I believe the Lord would have me to undertake there.

I was born in a Roman Catholic family and raised according to the traditions of the "church" until the age of sixteen, after which my mother "defected" to a small, independent Bible-believing church in Brick Town, NJ. At the age of eighteen, after approximately five years of heavy alcohol and drug use, as well as several run-ins with the law, following much prayer which had been made for me, I went to an evening service at the "Bible-Believer's Church", where my mom had been attending. After hearing the gospel clearly presented, I understood my condition and what I needed to do, and so upon my returning home, on my bedroom floor, I repented and received the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior. That was on March 11th, 1988, and I still haven't gotten over "it" yet, as some of my friends and relatives thought I probably would have by now.

I attended church there and sat under the preaching of Bro. Mike Melnick, as well as took part in the visitation and youth ministries of the church until August of 1989, upon which after feeling a definite call to preach, I left for Bible school in Pensacola, Florida. While in Pensacola, I attended the Pensacola Bible Institute under the tutelage of Dr. Peter S. Ruckman. I was there for approximately three years, and while there, by the grace of God, was able to pay my way through school by working a construction job during the day and going to classes at night.

I also tried to stay busy in different ministries: working with young men in the military, juvenile delinquents, and preaching on the streets, as well as preaching in a nursing home ministry and helping with the church's youth group. By the grace of God, I was able to complete the course there and graduate, having taken both Greek and Hebrew, and received a Bachelor of Divinity in May of 1992.

Upon finishing school, I felt a definite leading of the Holy Spirit to surrender to go to a country I had only heard of not too long before that, by the name of Ukraine, a former republic of the Soviet Union. At that time, I was only 23, so I was a little apprehensive about going to the mission field as a full-time missionary, due to the fact that I just felt under-equipped for the task that was at hand.

With the help of our home church, the Bible Baptist Church of Pensacola, who paid our plane fare over, and by the grace of God, on July 24th, 1992, I and a group of about nine Christians left Kennedy International Airport in New York for Ukraine, on what was supposed to be a week-long "survey trip". To make a long story short, I ended up staying, along with another brother and fellow graduate of the Pensacola Bible Institute by the name of Perry Demopoulos, for the long haul.

When we arrived in Kyiv, we found out our visas were only good for a week, but the Lord saw fit to get our visas extended "miraculously" for six more months, with the help of a young female translator, who happened to be a Charismatic at the time, and the Ukrainian Union of Baptist Churches, the same group who would later try to have us deported for doctrinal and administrative differences with them. At the time, we had only $500 a month support promised us, which was promised by a brother and fellow student at PBI by the name of Ken West, who now believes he is also called to labour amongst the people of Ukraine, and intends to start deputation some time this fall. Upon our arrival there, we knew neither Russian nor Ukrainian, which are the two main languages of Ukraine, nor did we know where we would be staying or how we could possibly get our visas extended, but we were along for the ride, and just sat back as the Lord worked out all the "minor details". It's sometimes hard to recount, just exactly how the Lord works, but I'm sure that one day in glory it sure will be interesting to just sit back and listen to account after account of how the Lord did exceedingly and abundantly above that which we could have ever even thought or asked for.

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