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Брошюра о восхищении Церкви "Миллионы исчезают" на украинском языке. Скачать её можно здесь

The Ministry of the Higgins Family
in L’viv, Ukraine,


These pages of our site are our account of the various ministries which the Lord allowed us to pursue in the city of L’viv, thanks to the financial and prayer support of our brothers and sisters in Christ from Bible Baptist churches of America. Many years of their constant prayer and sacrificial giving yielded great blessings to many Ukrainians, who obtained salvation for their eternal souls through the hearing and receiving of the gospel message which was proclaimed in the streets, squares, tents and various auditoriums of L’viv. God bless you through the scenes portrayed in these photos!

Preaching the Gospel to adults and children in the populous Sihov region of L’viv.

Summer 2002

The chief purpose of our relocation to L’viv from Kyiv was the founding of a new Bible Baptist Church. Our ministry partners, Jessie Beal and Joshua Steele, took active part in the fulfillment of this challenging task.

Below we have pictures of our first, 3-day street evangelism held in a square surrounded by high-rise apartment buildings in L’viv. Public attendance and interest level in the preaching were very encouraging.

In our first evangelistic outreach, many friends took part, including missionaries Ed and Dina Keough, Tom Hall and several Ukrainians from Kyiv.

Brian Higgins and Ed Keough inviting the children to ask Jesus to come into their heart.

Brian Higgins surrounded by children who just received a children’s picture Bible in Ukrainian.

Children admiring their new Bibles.

Missionaries teaching the children to pray.

Tanya Higgins leading in the game “Keeping the Ten Commandments”.

As a result of this evangelistic outreach, more and more children and adults began attending our Sunday services.