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The Ministry of the Higgins Family
in L’viv, Ukraine,

Vacation Bible School

Summer 2003

In Luke 18:16, Jesus said, “…Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.”

Joshua Steele, Tanya Higgins and Dan Bardwell came up with the idea of the Vacation Bible School. Others who took part included girls from America: Jennifer Steele, and her friends, Hannah and Rachel, from Texas.

Joshua Steele

Joshua Steele telling the children and teens about Christ

Children taking active part in the daily program.

The remarkable part of the event was the fact that the children brought their grandparents to the meetings, who listened with interest.

Tanya Higgins and Alla Kyvaeva using flannel graph to teach the Bible lessons.

Tanya Higgins and Jennifer Steele playing the Bible Memory Game with the children.

Leaders of the evangelistic program teaching the children Christian songs.
Children playing one of the games.

A major contributor to the program was Dan Bardwell.

Children, together with the leaders, learning new gospel songs with gestures and motions.

Another active participant in this children’s ministry was Alla Kyvaeva, our foster child. Her help was a great blessing to our church. In the following pictures, Alla is helping teach a Bible lesson and put on a puppet show.

Both children and adults were enraptured by the puppet theater!

Our children program coordinator, Joshua Steele, organized and led a variety of activities, including preaching, singing, games, prayer, teaching Bible verses, skits and counselling the children.

Coordinator Joshua Steele going over his plans and suggestions with members of the team

While our young people were working with the children, our preachers Brian Higgins, Jessie Beale and Dan Bardwell had an opportunity to witness to the teens, adults and seniors.

Our American sisters in Christ, Rachel (lower left) and Hannah (lower right), used the common language of love to bridge the language barrier with these Ukrainian children.

Leaders of the program teach on being born again.

The drama of the little Hebrew maiden and the healing of Naaman.