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Брошюра о восхищении Церкви "Миллионы исчезают" на украинском языке. Скачать её можно здесь

The Ministry of the Higgins Family
in L’viv, Ukraine,

Christmas Program at the "Timothy Club"

The Ukrainian people put great emphasis on religious holidays, especially in western Ukraine. Therefore, we used the local tradition as an opportunity to preach about Christ. Every year we have put on a children's Christmas program and invited the friends, relatives and acquaintances of all the children who attended our church.

In our program, we had "Snowflakes" participating.
Christmas eve crowd.

Hannah Higgins with her mother reciting a poem about Jesus Christ.
Children's quartet.

Teens reciting poetry.
Children singing about the Christmas star.

The central part of the Christmas program was always the Christmas play, complete with wise men, soldiers, shepherds, Joseph, Mary - all played by our friends: the youth of Greater Grace church.
Anatoliy in the role of a Wise Man near the Christmas tree with the "Snowflakes".
Joshua Steele in the role of angel, surrounded by children.

Leading actors of the play with the organizers, Brian and Tanya Higgins.
The whole group back at the Higgins home after the Christmas program.

In the photo on the left, you will see a youth group, dressed up as Christmas characters: shepherd, star, King Herod, angel, Mary, death and others. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, similar groups (it is so called "Nativity Play"), make appearances in the central town square, singing Christmas carols, puting on plays, entertaining passers-by and at the same time making some pretty good money.

The L'viv city officials promote the holiday atmosphere in every possible way, using a variety of methods: every year the main square is decorated with a huge Christmas tree and lights, traditional Christmas music is played nearly round-the-clock, rides are set up for the children and multitudes of stalls are opened, selling food, souvenirs, books, etc.

For the children, Christmas is a big holiday! It is the most beautiful and interesting time of year and.... the most delicious, too. Our children, Hannah and David (and little Jonathan in the stroller) enjoyed cotton candy one Sunday during the holiday season. That day, Brian and I went with the children after the Sunday service to the center square, not simply to see how Christmas is observed in L'viv. We passed out a few hundred tracts, regretting that we had not taken more.

One of our many family traditions is shown in the two pictures above: we decorate a tree for Christmas, decorate our apartment with garland and gather the family around the tree to sing, pray and thank God for his great gift to man: Jesus Christ, and, of course, for the presents from relatives and friends in America.

Another family tradition: our home was always full of people during the Christmas holidays.
Our family, 2006
Our children's visiting friends
Our foster daughter, Alla, with her husband-to-be, Kostia
This is a church tradition: on New Year's Day our church met at our home for a service and holiday meal, each one taking part in its preparation. 2004

The very first Christmas at our apartment in L'viv, 2003

During the years of our missionary work in L'viv, another nice tradition developed: the Beal family invited the Higgins for New Year's Eve dinner. (see photo above)

Christmas play at the Les' Kurbas Theater, 2004

Children from our Sunday school with the children of the Timothy Club quoting Christmas poems.
Missionaries' children Zoe Bardwell, David and Hannah Higgins, Cassia and Alexandra Beal singing a Christmas song in English.

Over the years of our service in L'viv, I had to combine several roles at the same time: organize and lead the Christmas and other children's holidays; author, direct, and produce plays; and both accompany and direct the children's choir.

Christmas play at the Greater Grace Сhurch, 2005 .

In August 2005, our 4th child was born, Emily. When fall began, she was frequently sick and, as a result, I was not able to prepare a large Christmas program with our church. Therefore, it was with joy that we accepted the invitation of our friends from the Greater Grace Church to participate in their children's Christmas program. Our children, Hannah, David and Jonathan, sang in Ukrainian about the Christmas star.

Our children with the pastors' children from other churches in L'viv.
Our children with missionary Denise Hutcheson

Christmas play at the Les' Kurbas theater, 2006
Older Sunday school group of Bible Baptist Church taking part in the children's Christmas service.
Christmas congregational singing of members and guests of our church.

This Christmas evening differed from previous ones in a few important details: for the Christmas sermon, my husband Brian preached in Ukrainian to everyone's amazement and excitement; our children took the 'leading' parts in the Christmas play for the first time; and we had the great blessing of our guests, children from the Greater Grace Church attending and taken part in a joint activity.

The angel appearing to Mary
Shepherds in the field
Angelic choir
Angel choir and shepherds
Participants of the Christmas program at its conclusion.