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The Ministry of the Higgins Family
in L’viv, Ukraine,

Tent evangelism

Setting up a tent and gathering a group of people is not difficult. It is much more difficult to obtain permission in Ukraine from city officials for such an event. However, with the help of brethren from a registered church, we were able to get the necessary permission for our tent evangelism. At Brian's request, our brother in Christ and long-time sponser, missionary Ken West, graciously lent us his tent, benches and his help in conducting the services.
The location of our meeting was a huge vacant lot located between the high-rise apartment buildings in the Sihov region and a private sub-division. In that vacant lot was also located the largest second-hand bazaar in L'viv, which attracted large crowds daily... a determining factor in our choice of location for evangelism.

Setting up the tent was a totally new experience for Brian, so he needed the help of Dan Bardwell and Ken West.

"Two are better than one", and three and four are even more so!
"Inside" view of the tent
"Outside" view of the tent

Missionary wives, Tanya Higgins and Lorel Bardwell, handing out invitations to the tent services.

Our first "visitors".

Every day before the morning and evening services, we had many curious passers-by who were uncertain whether or not to enter, yet interested to hear about Christ.

Bardwell Family and their translator Edgar.
Brian Higgins and Tom Hall

The adult service was led by Brian Higgins, preaching in Russian or in English with a Ukrainian interpreter.

The Higgins and Bardwell children taking part in the service
Brian and Tanya Higgins singing a duet

In addition to the preaching and participation of the missionaries and their children, we had congregational singing and showed evangelistic Christian films.

In the morning and daytime we had Bible lessons for the children who had come from the Sihov region.
Brother Ken West tells the children the meaning of each color of the tent's fabric.

Brother Dan Bardwell playing games with the kids and handing out gospel tracts at the end of the day.

Group pictures of the missionaries, children and teens who had taken part in the tent evangelism.

One of the days of the evangelism, a strong wind blew down the tent, after which we decided to hold the service in the open air.

Tanya Higgins and Alla Kuvayeva teaching a Bible lesson where the tent had stood.

Prior to the evening showing of a film, Brian Higgins led the service with preaching and singing in the open air.

It was a great blessing to have Brother Jessie Beal's participation in the tent evangelism. He graciously lent us his video and sound equipment and helped us to organize this and other such services.