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Брошюра о восхищении Церкви "Миллионы исчезают" на украинском языке. Скачать её можно здесь

The Ministry of the Higgins Family
in L’viv, Ukraine,


Summer camp is one of the most effective means of working with teenagers, so we decided to use this avenue to present attenders of our "Timothy Club" with the gospel. For this purpose, we rented a portion of the "Trembita" vacation camp in the Carpathian mountains, not far from the town of Slavsk.

The initiator, organizer and director of the camp was Brian Higgins. Active participants included missionaries Ken West, Dan Bardwell and Russel Wright, along with their translators. The purpose of the camp was to preach the gospel to the unsaved youth and to ground the faith of those who had already been born again.

View of the community of Slavsk in the Carpathian mountains.
Tourist resort "Trembita".
Older daughter, Hannah, with her grandfather at the main entrance of "Trembita".
Brian and Tanya Higgins with their children and Tanya's father, Leonid, at "Trembita".

Our ministry with the youth was blessed. By the beginning of our 3rd year in L'viv, the youth group had grown considerably. 25 young people attended the summer camp, over half of which came from non-Christian homes.

Each morning started off with exercises, led by our church translator, Yuri Zaverbniy, a graduate of the L'viv institute of physical education.
Each day after breakfast, we held open-air services, with singing and preaching.
Before the morning service, Brian and Tanya Higgins led the congregational hymn singing.
Our singing attracted the local youth and other vacationers from the resort.
Our teens and visitors (in the foreground) situated themselves right on the grass to listen to the preaching of the gospel.
Missionaries Brian Higgins, Dan Bardwell, Ken West, Russel Wright, along with our Ukrainian brethren took turns preaching God's word, using a variety of methods to expound Biblical doctrine.
One very effective help in explaining the plan of salvation to sinners was the use of Dr. Ruckman's evagelistic banners in Russian which Bro. Ken West brought to our camp.
No less effective or interesting to our young people were the "chalk talk" sermons and testimonies of Ukrainian preacher Bro. Oleg, a one-time drug abuser and prison inmate.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner at camp: always welcome and anticipated!
To improve appetites and provide a pleasant atmosphere, Brian saw to it that classical and Christian music was played in the dining hall during meals

It's always handy to have a relative in the kitchen... that way you can be served without having to wait in line!
Brian didn't delay taking advantage of this opportunity.
Kristina was also glad to have her aunt on duty in the kitchen.
Our chef,
Olya, at her post.
Olya with her daughter Julianah..
Kitchen staff, Olya and Tanya, with their daughters.

Afternoon: leisure time. A small mountain river flowed through the camp grounds, just right for splashing.

Nature's beauty brings out the best in all of us!

Alla Kuvayeva and youth director Yura Grischenko.
A thoughtful moment
A moment of inspiration
Happy picnic
Mountain hike

Campwide game: "Living words"

Each participant received one letter of the alphabet that was attached to their shirt. At the signal, they had to come up with a word containing 4 letters, find the remaining necessary 3 letters, and form the words by joining hands.
"Letters" looking for each other
the word "Fly"
the word "Price"
the word "Soap"
the word "Thing"
the word "Stunt"
the word "Flour"
This game was enjoyed by all: adults, youth and children!

The evening service was held in the dining hall after dinner.
Bro. Ken West preaching
Bro. Russel Wright preaching
Brian Higgins leading the singing and preaching God's word

Camp photo humor

Isn't it about time to get up, girls?
Let me see my last morning dream!
Gotta shave each morning without fail!!!
Somebody else can work out, I'll just sit!
Refreshing shower from a bucket!
A future astronaut
Hands up or I'll shoot!
Want to take a ride with us?
Can you guess why we're so happy?
On holidays or in everyday life, friends forever!