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Higgins family photo album 1993-2007

Complete version of Higgins family photo album 1993-2007 here

Брошюра о восхищении Церкви "Миллионы исчезают" на украинском языке. Скачать её можно здесь

Служение семьи Хиггинс
во Львове, Украина,
2002-2007 гг.

Home Bible Study

Over the course of our family's five-year ministry in L'viv, our door was always open on Wednesdays to all who wanted to study the Bible. Among those who attended where members of our church, guests from other churches, students, and also unsaved friends and relatives of our Christian brothers and sisters.

The systematic lessons for adults were conducted by Brian Higgins in our large living room.

Lessons for the children were taught in turn in the children's bedroom by our Sunday School teachers: Denise Hutcheson, Tanya Higgins, Alla Kuvaeva, Dan Bardwell.

Adults and children who attended our home Bible studies were given gifts made by Elsie Madrew in America.

Very frequently Brian spent extra one-on-one time teaching some of the young men who desired to know the Bible more deeply.

Sometimes our Bible studies were international, as people of different nationalities and countries studied the Bible in their native language: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic.
American (Eng.), Hebrew, (Rus.), Kurd (Iraq, Arabic)
Ukrainian (Ukr.), American (Eng.)

Before each Bible study, the adults and children gathered together in the living room for a time of hymn singing.

Usually Brian chose what we would sing, but often he took requests.

Sunday morning church service in our apartment.
Celebrating Jonathan's birthday after Bible study.
For lack of their own auditorium, L'viv university students gathered at our home to study the Bible .

Over the course of our five-year ministry, Brian kept the pleasant tradition of tea-time following Bible study and prayer.

During the fellowship time there were long discussions on a variety of spiritual topics and themes of everyday life.

Our close friends: brothers and sisters by faith in Christ.

In addition to our weekly Bible studies, we had other gatherings with fellow-missionaries for Christian fellowship, spiritual support, sharing our missionary experiences. and praising our Lord Jesus Christ.

Left to right: Missionaries Denise Hutcheson, Brian Higgins, Nathan Day, Jessie and Teresa Beal
Missionary children: (left to right) Hannah and Jonathan Higgins, Cassia and Alexandra Beal, David and Emily HIggins
Fathers and children praising the Lord together singing Christian hymns.

Teresa Beal (violin) and Tanya Higgins (piano) accompany the men's and children's singing.
David Higgins (recorder) and Hannah Higgins (piano) playing a hymn.

Alexsandra (left) and Cassia (right) playing works of classical music.

Various group photos of the Bible study and holiday gatherings of our small church.
L'viv, January 2008. New Year.
L'viv, January 2003,Christmas.

L'viv, 2003, one of the first meetings in our home.
L'viv, March 2008. The farewell meeting at our home.