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Complete version of Higgins family photo album 1993-2007 here

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Higgins Family Ministry
L'viv, Ukraine

Ladies' ministry

Inasmuch as the majority of our young church's membership was made up of women and children, Brian prompted me to organize a ladies' ministry. At our fellowship meetings, we studied the lives of women in the Bible, considered the role of a Christian wife in the family, church and modern society, prayed for each other's individual needs and shared experiences in the realms of child training and other areas of life.

Our very first ladies' meeting, held at missionary Denise Hutcheson's apartment.

On the paper hearts is written the name of the women that each sister is supposed to pray for.
Denise Hutcheson sharing some of her spiritual experience with younger Christians.

Without fail, each ladies' meeting concluded with tea-time and pleasant fellowship.

With the purpose of enlarging our circle of aquaintances and enjoying more Christian fellowship, from time to time I invited ladies from other churches to our meetings.

A few group photos of our ladies' meetings held at our apartment.

L'viv, 2004
L'viv, 2006
L'viv, 2007
L'viv, 2004