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Брошюра о восхищении Церкви "Миллионы исчезают" на украинском языке. Скачать её можно здесь

Higgins Family Ministry
L'viv, Ukraine


The children's Sunday School of Bible Baptist Church, L'viv, began simultaneously with the birth of our church. The first students were the children of missionary families Higgins, Beals and Bardwells and the director was missionary Joshua Steele. Soon children from non-Christian families started to attend Sunday School and the morning service. However the largest number of children attended our Saturday "Timothy Club", since many families were Catholic and would not allow their children to go to a Baptist church on Sundays. (See articles and pictures "Timothy Club" and "Vacation Bible School".)

After we moved our location downtown, we got a auditorium full of new adults and children who became regular attenders of our Sunday School and morning services.

Sunday service at Bible Baptist church in downtown L'viv, held in a small theater.

Sunday School group with their teachers Denise Hutcheson (left back) and Alla Kuvayeva (right back), both of whom continue to lead the class to this day.

When our church relocated to downtown L'viv, the need arose for a bus ministry to bring in children from nonchristian families. For two years, this ministry was performed by our partner Dan Bardwell, as he used his Mercedes Sprinter and various incentives to encourage more children to come to church.

Unfortunately the parents of these children do not attend church because of their alcoholism.

Children from our Sunday School classes are an uplifting and encouraging part of the general and holiday services, reciting poems, Bible verses, and singing as a choir and solos.

EASTER, 2006

Our Sunday School children reciting an Easter poem.

Missionary children Micaiah (left) and Elijah (right) reciting poems in Ukrainian for the first time.

Children reciting the Easter poem, "Spring Flowers".

Children praising the risen Jesus Christ in song.

EASTER, 2007

Tanya Higgins getting the decorations ready for the Easter celebration service.
Sunday School children greet the congregation "Christ is Risen!"

David Higgins playing an Easter hymn on the recorder
Children's choir sing about the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Missionary Joshua Steele, guest speaker at our Easter service.
Brian Higgins preaching about what the resurrection means to the Christian.

Sunday School children, BBC L'viv, with their teachers, Denise Hutcheson and Tanya Higgins.
Missionary couples Joshua and Kelsie Steele (left) and Brian and Tanya Higgins (right).