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Higgins Family Ministry
L'viv, Ukraine

Christian Bookstore "Lighthouse" in L'viv

American missionary, Brian Higgins, established the "Lighthouse" in 2004.At first, the bookstore was located on "Dudayeva Street" and was financially supported by Brian Higgins, missionary Tom Hall and American, Bible-believing Baptist churches. Since March 2008, following a 6-month break in operation, the "Lighthouse" is once again open for business at its new location on 8\4 Zalizniсhna Street.


BRIAN WILLIAM HIGGINS was born on the 10th of June, 1969, in the town of Tinek, New Jersey, to a Roman Catholic family. At the age of 18, Brian's worldview underwent a monumental change as a result of the influence of his mother,Kathleen, a one-time dedicated Catholic who had joined a Baptist church. Also joining this church, Brian decided to dedicate his life to serving the Lord. In 1989, he enrolled in Pensacola Bible Institute in Florida, under the leadership of Dr. Peter S. Ruckman. Brian graduated in 1992 with a bachelor's degree in theology. Having felt called to the mission field, this 23-year old Bible institute graduate went to Ukraine along with missionary Perry Demopolous, where they started the Bible Baptist Church of Kyiv. In March of 1993, Brian Higgins, married Kyivite, Tanya Popchenko. Two children were born to them in Kyiv: Hannah (1995) and David (1999). In 2001, the Higgins family moved to the city of L'viv with the goal of starting a new Baptist church. In L'viv, the Higgins had two more children: Jonathan (2002) and Emily (2005). Over the next two years of missionary work, Brian Higgins constantly struggled with the lack of Christian literature available locally and this prompted him to open a Christian bookstore, much to the sincere delight of many believers in L'viv.Unfortunately, Brian did not get to witness the opening of the "Lighthouse"in its new location, into which he had invested so much work, money and health. On December 15, 2007, the Lord unexpectedly took Brian home at the age of 38. His work is carried on by his widow, Tanya Higgins, to honor the memory of Brian, who gave 15 of his best years to missionary service in Ukraine.

After Brian Higgins' death, the remodeling of the "Lighthouse's" new location was completed under the supervision of his friend, Micheal Savchyn. A valuable role in the opening and continuation of the bookstore was filled by "Lighthouse" employees Sophia Kaschenko and Vera Yurkevich.